In alphabetical order:-

Association of Women for Action & Research (AWARE)
Provides help with women’s issues, family/domestic violence or abuse and parenting issues. Tel: 1800-774-5935.
This is a new youth-centric online portal set up by the Health Promotion Board that has tons of useful informaton on building youth resilience, coping with stress and youth mental health issues etc. You can also determine your own ‘bounce back factor’ (how resilient you are) by taking a simple quiz online.

Bully-Free Singapore
This website has tons of information on all things related to bullying issues and also has an email that you can use to contact them if you’re concerned about bullying issues (for yourself or others). Email:

Care Corner Mandarin Counselling Centre
I used to do some counselling here. Mainly targetted at the mandarin-speaking community with family, marital and personal problems. The hotline is free. Charges for face-to-face counselling is on a sliding scale based on income and ability to pay.
Tel: 1800-353-5800.

CHAT – Youth in Mind
CHAT stands for Community Health Assessment Team which aims to reach out to youths 16 – 30 years to promote youth mental health and to increase accessibility of mental health services for youths. They have a centre at SCAPE youth park at Orchard Road which makes it real convenient for youths to drop in and use their services. Also check out their website for recent mental health events and information. Tel: 6493 6500.

Counselling and Care Centre
Counselling and Care provides individuals, couples and families experiencing psychological, marital or family problems with counselling help. Charges apply on a sliding scale. Tel: 6536-6366.

Institute of Mental Health hotline
IMH has gotten alot of uncalled for bad rep over the years. It is alot different now and it even has an interesting museum detailing its history and development. Tel: 1800-389-2200.

National Family Service Centre Helpline
Family Service Centres or FSCs as they are frequently referred to provide a variety of help and services such as face-to-face counselling, pre-marriage preparation, referral services, parenting workshops and financial assistance etc. There are many FSCs in different parts of Singapore so call this helpline to find out the location of the FSC nearest to you. Tel: 1800-838-0100.

Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH)
SAMH was set up to promote mental wellness in the community and to support people with mental health disorders as well as their caregivers. They have a counselling helpline that you can call particularly when you suspect that you may have a mental health disorder that you need to talk to somebody about. Tel: 1800-283-7019.

SOS (Samaritans of Singapore)
The leading organisation in Singapore on suicide crisis intervention, prevention and postvention. This hotline is manned 24 hours daily by volunteers specially trained in suicide crisis intervention and in providing emotional support for people in distress. Tel: 1800-221-4444.

TOUCH Cyberwellness and Sports
This organisation is the pioneer in the field of cyberwellness in helping youths with difficulties in problematic gaming, addiction to pornography, cyber-bullying etc. They run a number of interesting programmes for youths and also runs a cyber Wellness centre where youths can hang out. Tel: 6273 5568.

A pretty cool youth organisation that believes that every youth can be a success story in their own right. They organize leadership training workshops,  service learning and other seemingly fun activities. Check it out.

This was started by Youth Challenge just this year in March 2009 and caters to youths aged 13-19. Tel: 6336-3434.


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