Here are some questions that people usually have about counselling. If you have more questions, just drop me an email. 🙂

What is counselling?

My approach to counselling is strength-based with an emphasis on students’ strengths and coping resources. I work with students to create hope for change and explore past and present successes as a leverage for addressing the challenges that they are currently facing. Students often leave having gained new perspectives and ideas for solving the issues they face. To me, counselling is not about giving advice. I very rarely (if ever) give advice to students, preferring to empower students to find their own solutions which to me is more effective and sustainable.

What can we talk about in counselling?

Loads. Some common issues that students have come to talk to me about include motivation to study, goal setting, time management, friendship issues, family conflict, career guidance, suicidal thoughts, feelings of depression and/or anxiety etc.

What happens in a typical counselling session?

A typical counselling session lasts for one period (45 minutes). At the beginning of the session, I would usually ask the student ‘What would you like to see different so this time we spend here is worth your while?’ and we take it from there. I would offer understanding and listen and respond to students in a non-judgmental way. I would also help students to clarify their issues and set relevant counselling goals that we can work on. At the end of the session, I usually like to spend a couple of minutes giving feedback on what was discussed in the session.

Will you tell anyone what we talked about?

Everything that is talked about in a counselling session is confidential. This means that I will not reveal the full content of what was discussed in the session without the permission of the student. This also means that the Principal, the teachers and student’s parents will not know what was discussed without the student’s permission. However, I work within an ethical framework for School Counsellors whereby situations of self harm, harm to others and legality issues cannot be kept confidential for the well-being of the student although I will still strive in these instances to seek the consent of the student involved.

How do I make an appointment?

You can contact me by texting me your name and CTG. My mobile number is available in the student handbook. You can also drop an email to arrange a time. I usually meet students during their free periods or after school.


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  1. haysy says:

    Can you blog about ways to fall sleep easily? Even though i can be very tired, I just find it hard to fall asleep.

    1. Joan says:

      Hi haysy! Yes okay I’ll do that! Sometimes when we’re too strung out it can be hard to fall asleep even though we’re dog tired. Will write more about that in the next blog post.

  2. Samantha says:

    Hi Joan, I am a JC 2 student from YJC. Would you mind if you could post articles about how to sleep well? I has been having insomnia for the past few weeks and it is really getting worse when I start to have headache. Thank you.

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