Blog Articles

Here’s a list of all the articles that I’ve ever written since I started this blog in broad categories:-

Stress Management
1. The thing about stress part I
2. The thing about stress part II – History
3. The thing about stress part III – Counsellor, am I stressed?!
4. The thing about stress part IV – Managing somehow
5. Hello? I think I need help…
6. Running on Empty
7. Stress Management Video 2011
8. Do I have a ‘probelm’?
1. Dealing with the Unknown
2. Bouncing back from adversity
3. Heroes of Resilience
4. Good or bad, life goes on…exploring post A levels alternatives
5. Overcoming tragedies – 3 years on
6. Our best teachers – Adversity
7. 7 ways to cope with bad news
8. Why are we so afraid to fail?
Mental Health and Neuroscience
1. A series on Mental Illness
2. What is Depression?
3. People with Depression
4. World Mental Health Day 2010
5. Psychosis or Possession?
6. Word Mental Health Day 2011
7. Young and Mentally Ill
8. Youth Problem Gambling
9. What the internet (and porn) is doing to your brain
10. I had a black dog
11. World Bipolar Day 2016
Motivation and Happiness Stuff
1. The elusive thing called motivation
2. Motivation Part I – reminders, reminders
3. Motivation Part II – here and now
4. What’s on your Bucket List?
5. Motivating words from an ex-YJCian
6. The value of looking back
7. What students really need to hear
8. The final push
9. Think something is impossible? Think again
10. Good ‘A’ level results = happiness?
11. What’s your driving force?
Exam Anxiety
1. ‘I just blank out!’ – Exam Anxiety
2. Techniques for Focusing – Thought Stopping
3. Techniques for Calming and Focusing
4. Exams and stuff
1. Boys and Girls and BGR
2. BGR – Having a CRUSH
3. BGR – To date or not to date
4. Me, my Mother and Mother’s Day
5. I learned something from Lady Gaga
6. What can we do to let go?
7. Valentine’s Day…meh
Time Management and Productivity
1. Peter Bergman’s 18 Minutes Time Management Tip
2. Level up on your productivity
3. Boosting Productivity – Can We Really Multitask?
1. Just .b
2. Myths of Happiness
3. What makes you happy? 
4. Multiplying our misery
5. Stopping the struggle
Effective Studying and Sleep
1. Power up! your memory
2. The luxury of sleep
3. Why can’t I sleep though I’m tired?!
4. To study or to sleep?
5. Getting more shuteye NOW!
6. To nap or not to nap?
7.Wake up better, stronger, smarter
8. Sleep: How much is enough?
9. How to wake up at 4.30am and feel invincible
Change and Transitions
1. Managing Change – My 1st day at YJC
2. How to survive the first week of school
3. New year, new beginnings! 
4. Hello JC1 students 2014!
4.Change is the ever constant 
1. Here’s why I don’t make new year’s resolutions
The Counsellor
1. The counsellor is not a mentalist
2. Why I like it here at YJC
3. What’s up in 2010?
4. Cyber Counselling
5. Hello JC1 students!
Miscellaneous ramblings
1. Rubik’s Cube
2. Happy CNY?
3. Alternate Reality Gameplay – Let’s play!
4. I am a child of meritocracy (and why I still love Singapore)

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