How to wake up at 4.30am and feel invincible

Okay, I’m just gonna cut to the chase today: I woke up at 4.30am this morning and I’m feeling invincible. 

It all started with this video. No actually, it started with me not having slept super well since I came back from Nepal. Many of you know that I sleep really early, and sometimes I sleep like a pig and go into some sort of coma until my alarm rings at 5.30am. The week after I returned to Singapore, I’ve been waking up every couple of hours or so and sometimes I find that I’m wide awake at 4am! Usually when that happens, I get annoyed with myself and forcefully try to go back to sleep. I wonder if it was jet lag. Nepal is 2.25 hours ahead of us and I was there for more than a month. But it felt like a ridiculous notion to entertain. 

Given the state of affairs, an idea started germinating: what if, instead of forcefully trying to go back to sleep, I just wake up at 4am or 4.30am? That way, I can do my one hour of meditation, do 45 minutes of yoga after that, take a shower, prep my breakfast and lunch for the day (I used to cook the night before and heat up the next morning) and then get on my bike and ride to school feeling like I have just conquered the world. Sounds like an awesome plan. Here’s what really happened: 

Monday: Set my alarm for 4.30am. Snoozed till 5.30am. Told myself “it’s alright, it’s just the first day. Be compassionate to yourself.” 

Tuesday: Set my alarm for 4.30am. Snoozed till 5.10am. Told myself “at least you’re making some progress. A journey of a thousand miles start with the first small step.”

Wednesday: Set my alarm for 4.45am. Snoozed till 5.30am. Told myself “yeah, I’m not sure if this is ever gonna work…”

Thursday: Set my alarm for 5am. Snoozed till 5.30am…….

And then on Thursday, while looking for videos on mindfulness and the brain, I came across this video. 

I watched it, read a few more articles on other valiant people who have tried to wake up at 4.30am, all touting how awesome, wonderful and successful they feel. And then I decided that’s it, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna tell the snooze button to take a hike (to quote the person who started #21earlydays, it’s the worst invention ever!!) and I’m just gonna get up. Just like that. 

So I did.

I meditated for an hour, did yoga for 45 minutes, took a shower, prepped my breakfast and lunch, ate my breakfast mindfully, rode my bike to school, got here before 7.30am. It’s 8.30am now, and I’ve written on my blog, talked to the Principal, cleared all my emails and watched a Ted Talk on waking up at 4.30am.

I feel invincible. Now let’s see if I can keep this going! If you feel inspired to start doing something a little bit crazy like this, let me know so we can be of support to each other!!


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