How the internet makes us more easily distracted

I wasn’t gonna be an overachiever and write TWICE in a week but I was going through some old blog posts and replacing some featured images to make sure I’m copyright compliant and came across this article where I talked about what the internet (and porn) is doing to your brain. And then I thought why not repost this video? It’s really relevant to what we have been talking about the past few weeks about not having enough time to get enough sleep because we spend so much time unconsciously clicking from one link to the next, and ceaselessly checking our notifications etc.

I’ve written before about the importance of shifting information from our short term memory (STM) to long term memory (LTM) cos otherwise it’s kinda pointless to spend hours memorizing stuff that you would just forget the next day. It’s part of getting our game face on. And given that for JC2s it’s Prelims study leave week and the JC1s have got their PW written report final draft deadline staring them down, figured anything that would give you a handler on how to better maximize the 24 hours you do have (and get 9 hours of sleep) would be awesome. Or so I think. Keeping this short for now. Watch the video!!


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