Change is the ever constant

Hey everyone! That’s right. Tis me. I’m alive. And I’m back. Hmm…this is beginning to sound like terminator 5 or something. Well many of you probably don’t know who I am to begin with. I’m Ms Joan and the school counsellor at YJC. I have a blog…sorta…and I have been trying (in vain) to write on this blog more often in the last 8 years I’ve been here, but it hasn’t really worked out that way. BUT…I shall persevere…starting with this post!

Some of you have been asking me where have I been for the last 10 months? Apparently there are a few theories floating around. And given the uncanny amount of time I was away (10 months), some have conjectured that I was uh…pregnant. So let me just state categorically here that no, I was not pregnant, I did not deliver a baby out of wedlock and there was no baby given away to any nunnery. And surely you guys have better things to do than conjecture if the school counsellor got herself impregnated?! So there. I did write a post before I left where I talked about needing to take time off to take care of some health issues. And the school has been very kind and understanding in this regard. And I’m feeling tons better now. Thank you for amusing me with your wild theories. 🙂

LOADS seem to have changed in the time I’ve been gone. Some familiar faces are no longer here, some familiar faces have returned, the concrete pillars in the school have become grey in colour (no doubt to match the theme of this blog), the school attendant auntie is now also the security guard on occasion, we have a new VP (new not to you, but to me), the school garden is looking pretty rad, the school issued me a new work laptop and work phone (woh…) and of course the news of the merger of some JCs in 2018, including ours. Change is hard for many people. I can be the sort of person that is unmoveable as an elephant (pic above). I like routine. I like things to be predictable, people to be familiar, the water cooler water to taste the same. I think it’s an innate biological need stemming from our hunter gatherer age – if I forage in this bush, I will find this type of edible berries to fill my hunger. So I keep going back to this bush, expecting to see this bush every time, with the expectation that I will be able to fill my hunger every time. Hooray. Any unforeseen changes will trigger a stress reaction in the body (what happened to the freaking bush?! What am I gonna do now! OMG I’m so hungry! I’m gonna die!!!). And we don’t like how stress feels in our body. So we don’t like change. We find comfort in familiarity. It’s only human to feel that way.

As cliché as it sounds though, change is an ever constant is not a misnomer or an oxymoron. It’s just….life. And we could respond to changes kicking and screaming and pulling our hairs out or we could just look at change in the face and go ‘meh’. The things in our lives will change. Nothing ever really stays constant. And I think we often see this notion in a negative sort of light. But really, if we really think about it, it also means that if you’re in a difficult situation now, that will change too. It’s an inevitable fact of life. A student I met when she was in JC1 seemed so much happier now. It was amazing for me to see how things that seemed absolutely unbearable 10 months ago, just no longer poses an issue anymore. I asked her what made the difference, and she said with a smile ‘things change’. How wisely put. 🙂 So I hope that can be an encouragement to you, especially if you didn’t do well for block tests or is experiencing some difficult friendship or relationship issue, sometimes knowing that things can and will change (because that’s how life is) gives us hope to push on. What probably hasn’t changed though is how long winded I can get when I start writing!! So I’m gonna put a stop to that now. Will write more another time! Have a great week ahead and looking forward to meeting with the unfamiliar faces some time soon. 🙂


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  1. Ethan pang says:

    Good to heard that you are back, I am a JC1 and has never meet you but you seem pretty cool. I hope whatever health issues you were dealing with is behind you and you are feeling better. Welcome back I guess? ( Although you have probably been in this school longer than I have and that comment sounds odd commingled from a person who knows the school less that you do :0 )

    Hope you have a great year?

    1. Joan Low says:

      Hey thanks for the welcome! And welcome to YJ! Hope the year has been going well for you. 🙂

  2. Regine says:

    Glad to hear from you after a long time. Hope everything is well with you. I am doing a lot better in the place I am at now, although there are still many ups and downs.

    1. Joan Low says:

      Hey regine, good to hear from you! Were you the one who tried to call and text me? I lost some of my non SIM contacts with the new phone. So good to hear that you’re doing a lot better!

      1. Regine says:

        Haha nope… I think the only time I contacted you was an email send to you but didn’t hear from then

      2. Joan Low says:

        Oh yes….I’m not the best at replying emails sometimes. lol.

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