Think something is impossible? Think again…

I love this short little video clip that was shared with me by our ECG Counsellor, Ms Loretta Foo (more on her in future posts to come). It’s just one of those real stories that makes you think about life and makes you suddenly feel like life is so full of hope and promise. haha.  And yet it’s tempered by realism – the boys in the football club featured don’t suddenly become like world champions (cos that would be terribly cliche and disney fairy tale like) but yet their passion and perseverance towards something they believe in just makes me feel like I should get out there and make things happen for myself, instead of sitting on my couch, binge eating ice-cream and lamenting the obstacles that life has put in my way. It’s made me wonder if I will have the conviction and determination to stand up to naysayers who thinks my goal is ludicrous and far-fetched and who thinks I could never achieve what I set out to achieve. 

Perhaps as you watch this video, try asking yourself these – what am I willing to put in/sacrifice in order to achieve my dreams? How can I ignore the voices of the naysayers in my life (sometimes the harshest naysayers are ourselves!) and continue to push on no matter how far-fetched or impossible my dream seems? Hoping that this will help fuel your soul after a grueling week of block tests and stuff. 🙂


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