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It’s THE day. The nail-biting day when students come back to receive their A level results. While I’ve told students that results are not everything, I can’t help but feel nervous on their behalf. When you’ve put in two years (sometimes three) of hard work, naturally you’d hope that your results turn out well. So as with most results release day, today was a mix of sweet and bitter. It’s so good to see some students’ efforts pay off but what about those who got middle of the road results like CCD/D or DDD/D or EEE/E? Technically you have a full cert but fall short of the mark for NTU/NUS/SMU/SUTD and yet is not eligible to repeat JC2 with YJ in 2015. What are the options left open for you?

The answer is rather many (the nerves got to my grammar). We just need to look and broaden our perspectives. I read this article just today on alternatives for students who didn’t do well for A levels. Some of the things the writer listed really surprised me like I didn’t know about NYP’s course specifically for A level graduates and how you can graduate with a degree in 4 years with that course. I also didn’t know that guys in NS can bring their A level notes up to Mt Biang in Brunei and study in the jungle and still get into NUS! So please do check out that article.

Yet the other thing that struck me is the fact that while having a nice looking A level cert may give you a legs up in further education or career options, the quality of our life; how happy we will be; how ‘successful’ life in the future look like really really really (x infinity) don’t depend on the As and Bs. I read this article (again today…today is article day) that talks about 10 Singaporeans who shows us that the ‘A’ Levels aren’t everything in life. The common thread I think in all the stories of people featured is the fact that they had to take different routes and detours but none of them gave up hope, or gave up trying.

And that’s my hope for all of you out there. Whatever results you got today, know that life is much more than the alphabets on your cert. You just never know what the future may be like. As long as you don’t condemn yourself and keep keeping on (again bad grammar), I think you’d be okay. 🙂