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New year, new beginnings!!

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’m just realizing that open house was yesterday and if prospective students were to click into this blog the first post they’ll see is about internet porn! So figured I better write something real quick so they don’t think the YJCounsellor is a weird person.

Did you make a new year resolution? Not sure if that’s still the ‘in’ thing to do.  I stopped making them many years ago cos they were mostly futile attempts and only end up making me feel worse about myself. haha. This year I thought I would give it another go but already the commitment to face stressful situations with a mona lisa smile on my face has gone out the window. The first day of school the air-conditioning in the counselling office died and we couldn’t revive it ourselves. The electrician we called took forever to come…I could have walked from JB to YJ and would still be faster than him. Then after that I spilled water all over my desk and in an attempt to clean that mess, I knocked over my container of paper clips and they flew all over the floor, then when I tried to pick them up I saw a dead lizard under my carpet and screamed my lungs off but still no help came. So yes, I was all frazzled by the time day 1 ended I wondered for real how I could survive the rest of the week. Hmm…just realizing that if a new student reads this he/she WOULD think that I AM a weird person.

Anyhoo…things have settled abit better since then although I’m still strangely looking forward to the CNY break (nosey aunties notwithstanding). I remind myself that things do get better if we just give it a chance. I know many students may have had trouble sleeping before the first day of school. New classmates, new teachers, new responsibilities as a JC2 student can all seem very daunting. Hope most of you stuck it out and are feeling things settling a little better now.

I was supposed to give an ‘address’ to all JC2 students during assembly later in the month but really I don’t have much to say except to say that I’m still alive and around and so if you’d like to talk about something – e.g. ideas on sticking to your new year resolution which I’m obviously an expert at (NOT!), just send a text my way. 🙂 4.5 more weeks to CNY!!