Exams and stuff…

The preliminary exams are in full swing (well…actually it’s ending soon) and the rest of you who are not doing prelims are busy getting your Project Work in order and panicking that promos is 30 odd days away. I thought it’s timely to re-post some of the stuff I’ve written before to deal with this difficult period. Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already pretty awesome? haha. Talk about being shameless.

If you’ve been feeling super fatigued and dragged your feet to school this morning, check out the post I wrote where I shared your sentiments and also shared some tips on recharging yourself. If you’re needing practical handlers on managing your anxiety in an exam situation, then check out this post on calming and focusing yourself. If you’ve been procrastinating like crazy and feeling guilty and scared cos the clock doesn’t stop ticking for the procrastinator, check out Peter Bergman’s time management tips. Lastly, I really think some people need to be more okay with seeking help or talking things out (i.e. with a teacher or with me or with any number of the counselling helplines/centres out there). Even when you feel like you can’t quite put words to what you’re feeling yet. Check out a post I wrote on this some time ago. 

On another note, I’ve been wanting to write something about mental health and suicide after the news on Robin Williams last week (was it last week?). I grew up watching his shows and was very saddened by the news, but try as I might I couldn’t put words together in a way that I felt respected the life that he led and didn’t sound like yet another article that sensationalized the whole thing, and at the same time helps us to look squarely in the face of something like suicide and talk about it with honesty and openness. You can see why I was having such difficulty writing about it! In any case, I shall endeavor to do so soon. But suffice it to say that if any of you reading this now have been feeling like there’s no other way out apart from taking your own life please do come and talk about it. Or call Samaritans of Singapore at 1800 221 4444 or drop them an email at pat@samaritans.org.sg. 


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