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ImageHello JC1 students! Welcome to your new school year! My name is Joan and I’m your School Counsellor here at Yishun JC. 🙂 Most students call me Ms Joan and occasionally students call me ‘eh counsellor!’

I’ve been writing stuff on this blog for the past 5 years so feel free to click through the articles here. You can find out more about me as well as what counselling is about by clicking on the tabs above. I’ve also put up some resources available outside school that you may find helpful.

Most students at YJC don’t find talking to a counsellor a stigma at all. That kind of thinking is quite archaic if you think about it. Nowadays it is a very reasonable thing to talk to a professional counsellor if you have something on your mind that you want to process or stuff that you want to work through.  I have my Masters in Social Science in Professional Counselling and I’m also a Master Solution Focused Therapist so I do have some credentials to back up what I do. haha. I like to talk to students about what they would like to see different in their lives and together we figure out ways to get there as I see counselling as a collaborative process. 🙂  So if you’d like to make an appointment with me, just drop me a text (my number is available in the handbook), email me at or swing by the counselling room! My office is located within the Student Resource Centre, 2nd floor above the General Office. You can come in by the back door after you come up the stairs from the Wednesday Expresso. One of these days I should really draw a map.

See you around school and have a good rest of the week!  🙂