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Recently I’ve been fascinated by the notion of Alternate Reality Gameplay. It all came about because I was reading about positive gaming and started following Jane MacGonigal @avantgame on twitter and the games she creates are pretty awesome. Games that pulls players together from all over the world and put you on missions to eradicate world hunger, survival if the world runs out of oil etc. I’m not big on slaying people and zombies so I get excited that this alternate reality gameplay allows me to play strategic games without any of the slaying. I know, I’m a violence wimp.
Jane MacGonigal twittered about this new game coming up called ‘Catalysts for Change’ which is sponsored by the Rockefeller foundation. It’s a 48 hour online game that puts us on a mission to identify thousands of new paths out of poverty with hundreds of players from all walks of life. Check out the short intro video above. I’ve registered to play and can’t wait for 3 April 4pm (GMT). The game will last for exactly 48 hours. I don’t think I’ll stay up and you don’t have to either…you can play for as long or as short as you like. Still must come to school on time ah!
You can follow them on twitter @catalyze4change or facebook. See you on the game! 🙂
I recently went for the launch of a youth online portal by HPB and they screened this short clip on ‘heroes of resilience’. I really like the way they designed the video so I’m embedding it here for you. So do check it out when you have some time!

Also, do check out the new youth online portal at It’s got tons of useful information and resources on knowing your bounce back factor (level of resilience), how to increase your resilence, how to manage peer relationship difficulties etc. Have fun! 🙂