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hello everyone!! A belated welcome back to school term. It took me awhile to warm up and get over the shock of having to work again after a 1 month hiatus so it’s taken awhile for me to start writing on the blog again. Definitely my new year resolution is to write more and connect with you guys through this blog, cos I know many of you will rather be dead than to be seen walking into the counsellor’s office (something which I still can’t fathom)!
Chinese New Year (CNY) has always been a very tiresome period for me cos that’s when intensive family bonding is made compulsory even when you don’t really like the ‘extended’ family. Then there’s all that probing into your private life, including endless comparing of grades between cousins, who goes to what school, whose tuition teacher is better, who did better for PSLE, O’levels, A’levels, Kindergarten etc. And the critical eyes who won’t fail to tell you that your waist is rounder by 0.5 inches. Nowadays at least we have the iPhone and we can pretend to be really busy. In the past I’ll try to look busy reading a book but will get a scolding for being a curse (book is ‘shu’ in Chinese which sounds like ‘lose’) by the tireless gamblers.
I still don’t have an antidote to the above ills of CNY and certainly there are tons of people out there who LOVES CNY and can’t wait to bond with the 4th cousin of 9th uncle’s 2nd sister.  Perhaps a dash of optimism helps as well as loads of resilience so you won’t walk away from the inevitable comparisons feeling lousier about yourself. I used to feel depleted having to visit relatives and talk to people also cos I’m such an introvert. Hope everyone will return to college next Wednesday from your CNY break recharged rather than depleted. 🙂
Mixing agendas here a little bit but I’ve been reading alot about sustainability of seafood and the impending extinction of sharks. I think as educators and students we should learn more about the impact of our actions on the environment and wider ecology of things so this year (and for the past 10 years) i’m saying no to Sharks Fin Soup and passing the message along on behalf of FIN and ScubaSG.
Happy CNY everyone! 🙂