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World Mental Health Day 2011

Posted: October 4, 2011 in Mental Health

World Mental Health Day falls on 10th October this year and is held annually to raise public awareness on mental health issues and to give everyone an open platform to learn, discuss and share stories related to mental health. This year I’m joining a blog party to write on something related to mental health on October 10th (  except that I won’t be free to blog on that day so I suppose I’m joining the party early.

Mental Health is something that is very close to my heart. In fact I blogged about it last year as well.  Too many of us sideline the importance of mental health. I remember the last time I got a physical health check and the last time I went to a dentist, but when was the last time I got my mental health checked out? We function optimally when we have a healthy mind, body and spirit.  We act quickly (or at least I do cos I”m hypochrondriac) when we discover a growth that is out of place (is it cancer?!) while some people can be chronically sad, angry, anxious or depressed for a long long time but don’t do anything about it.

A day of observance like World Mental Health Day gives us the opportunity to do something about it, to find out more information, to get our mental health checked out and to also pledge our commitment to stamp out stigma against people with mental illness. A recent report showed that one in six singaporean adults will suffer from some form of common mental health disorder in their lifetime but less than half will seek help (see CNA article below).

Singapore marks World Mental Health Day – Channel NewsAsia.

Share your stories related to mental health with us here by posting a comment or sending an email to me.

Here are some events that we’ll still be in time for:-

(1) A Journey to Recovery

A roadshow to highlight mental wellness and to dispel the myths of mental illness. From 8 October to 9 October at Citylink Mall.

(2) World Mental Health Day 2011 – “Investing in Health, Engaging the Elderly”

Organized by the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH), it’s a one day event on 8 October which includes a brisk walk in the morning and concurrent talks and workshops at the Ang Mo Kio CC.

(3) World Mental Health Day 2011 Celebrations at IMH

An afternoon of interesting activities at IMH lobby including hands-on workshops, book sale etc. on 21st October 1pm to 5pm.