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I learned something from Lady Gaga

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Relationships

Happy New Year everyone! A little belated but at least it’s still January! Someone mentioned to me this morning that he’s gonna check out my blog which got me freaked out for a second there cos I haven’t been very good at keeping up with the writing. So it was a good nudge to start the writing again.

I’ve been wanting to finish this Lady Gaga post forever. In fact I got it in my draft for a good 6 months but didn’t do anything about it. I happened to catch it on Ellen last year and was struck by some of the things that Lady Gaga said about feeling that she doesn’t fit in school and felt kind of left out in high school. It just didn’t seem like something we would expect her to say because she has so many fans all over the world! She talked about wanting to create a space for her fans to feel like they belong and also how she didn’t feel like a winner inside but it doesn’t mean that she wasn’t one. So it just got me thinking about how we are surrounded by unique individuals in our lives and how we are also unique in our own way. Sometimes our uniqueness might mean that we don’t belong or ‘fit’ as much as we would like to especially in school. But it doesn’t mean that there’s something ‘wrong’ with us. So I was inspired by how Lady Gaga celebrated her own uniqueness and quirkiness.

I’m very often quite the loner myself, preferring to bury my head in a book than to socialize. It took me quite a long time to become comfortable in my own skin and it’s still a work in progress on some days. So I guess I’m hoping that some of you out there who don’t feel like you ‘fit’ could take some comfort and inspiration from here and grow to celebrate yourself for who you are. 🙂