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What’s on your Bucket List?

Posted: April 14, 2010 in Motivation

I recently did a reflection exercise with all JC1s who didn’t manage to go for the Bintan camp. In the reflection, I asked the students to write down 7 things that they would like on their bucket list and who they would like to share their list with. Some of the responses I got from the students were amusing, some were creative and unexpected and some really touched my heart. So I thought I would like to share some of these responses with you while keeping the identity of the students anonymous of course.

For those of you who don’t know what a bucket list is, it’s derived from a film a couple of years ago starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman titled ‘The Bucket List’. The plot follows the adventures of two terminally ill men who set out on a road trip to complete a number of things on their wish list of ‘to-dos’  before they ‘kick the bucket’ so to speak.  Since the movie was released, it’s kind of sparked a ‘movement’ in America where people started writing their own bucket list and going about fulfilling things on their lists. So check out the movie when you have some time. 🙂

I don’t think it’s morbid to think about our own bucket lists whatever age we may be at. I think when we know what we want to have been able to see or do or experience before we die, then we can really learn to live our lives to the fullest now. What we do now that may seem meaningless or pointless might also begin to take new meaning.

So some of the things that students wrote on their bucket lists include:- sing in front of an audience at least once in a lifetime, donate organs to a stranger when dead, skydiving (don’t mean to brag here but I can check this off my list already…muahaha), build an orphanage (this one really touched my heart), get a Mohawk hairdo, launch a fashion collection, take part in Ninja Warrior, work as a USGS geoscientist, stop cigar production and finish an ironman! A number of students said that they want to start a non-profit organisation for less priviledged children. I was very encouraged because I think sometimes people look at youths in general and assume that youths nowadays are materialistic and inward looking. So these bucket lists really showed me otherwise and showed me that our students can have a compassionate and giving heart.

What would I put on my bucket list? Hmm…I think it would definitely involve seeing Kimura Takuya ‘live’ at some point (see my post on having a crush)…haha. And travel on the Silk Road I think…among many many others. 🙂