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Cyber Counselling

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Counselling Services

Okay…so I have been having writer’s block recently. Luckily I’m done with A’levels and essay writing…haha. Anyways, I’ve been considering this idea of cyber counselling and maybe introducing it to our school at some point. Why cyber counselling? Won’t that put me out of a job if everybody decided to go all “cyber” instead of coming to make an appointment with me? Well…firstly there will always be students who prefer the face-to-face so I don’t necessarily fear for my job. Also, I mentioned during the assembly self-introduction to JC1s that I’m kind of a hermit so I understand if students find face-to-face intimidating and would rather be counselled in cyberspace. So I did some cyber snooping and found this interesting article taken from the website of an eCounselling Centre in Singapore that could introduce this concept far better than I could. So I’m quoting it here in full (though it doesn’t substitute for my writer’s block). Enjoy the read guys…it’s abit long but it’s rather clear and interesting and worth reading (IMHO). See if it can be a helpful resource for you and give me your feedback. 🙂

What is counselling?

The real question is… “Why Ask for help?”

It seems to be a universal joke that men don’t like to ask for directions when they’re lost, but the truth is that few people – male or female – like to ask for help. And the more we need help, the harder it can be to ask. Why is asking help so hard? Pride, fear of shame, fear of showing vulnerability, lack of faith in others… there can be plenty of reasons.

Interestingly though, most people want to “be of help”.

When we help someone, it makes us feel useful, important, competent. Many times, we can even put our troubles aside and help others first. Of course, “being helpful” is a great virtue and we need more people in the world today to “want to help”, to “be available to help”. But at the end of the day, one of the best gift that we can give to the people around us is a “healthy self”.

When we feel confident about ourselves, we are able to offer confidence to others. When we live a balanced lifestyle, we are in better shape psychologically and physically to help others. When we learn to manage our time and pressure well, we are more generous to others around us. When we are in good relationship with our friends and family, everyone is happier.

The problem however, is that life is not always that smooth. There are times we will experience difficulites. Adding to this, the lifestyle that you and I live in can be so fast-paced, so isolated that we hardly have a chance to sit down with someone and openly share our struggles.

Sometime, help is just around us but we need to slow down in life in order to discover these people. These people can be family members or friends that you trust. They can be your teachers, co-workers that you feel have a desire to listen to you and are able to keep things confidential as you desire.

In some circumstances, you might feel that you are not ready to talk to these people yet… and that’s where counselling comes in. There was a time when people were so shameful to tell people that they are in counselling. But more and more people today are finding “counselling” to be less stigmatized. That’s a great thing. Afterall, counselling is just like us talking to someone about our problems, except it’s in a more professional setting, hopefully with a trained counsellor with clearly defined goals in a clearly defined structure. In other words, instead of sitting down for a sundae with your friend to talk about your problems at McDonald’s, you see a counsellor to talk about your problems in a counselling centre or maybe a school setting.

Some people still find that troublesome. They still refuse to get help though they really really hope to talk to someone. That’s where eCounselling Centre comes in! We call that eC2 here in eGen. It’s an online facility on eGen where you are able to chat one-on-one with a professional counsellor about the issues you are facing in life. We having saying here at eGen that “eC2 is a place where we figure out life together!” And really, that’s really what we are about. We want to do this not just because we want to “be of help”. We want to do this because we have had good experiences in our lives when “we were helped”!

Now there should be no more excuses. It’s already at your door step. Anyone who has internet connection can sign on to eGen and make an appointment at eC2. You don’t have to take a bus somewhere on a hot and humid day! And best of all…. IT’S FREE!!! So… what are you waiting for?

I used to not like asking for directions. I didn’t want to bother people and sometimes I didn’t trust other people for their directions. But after a few good experiences, I learned that it’s so much faster to get to the place I wanna go when I ask for good directions.

Still thinking about that problem you were having when you started bloggin’ today? Why let this issue continue to bug you in your head? Give yourself a moment… Slow down a little… Give eC2 a try? Who knows… maybe you will get to where you want to go slightly faster and easier…

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