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I bumped into a couple of friends at the hawker centre while having breakfast this morning and they got me thinking about the whole ‘to date or not to date’ during JC thing. You see, R and E met while they were in JC, dated and then married each other some 10 years ago. They now have two daughters and are still happily married to each other. What a happily ever after story and there isn’t even an evil twist at the end. In fact, R and E are the third couple I know who met each other in JC. I had a really good friend G who met her husband Y when they were both in the canoeing team back when they were both in JC1. In fact, G told me that she first laid her eyes on Y when they had this line dancing thing during JC1 orientation and she remembered that he was very tall and dark (no mention of handsome). G’s mum kind of flipped when she found out that G was dating someone in school but somehow they managed to stick together and stick it out. G & Y were like the star couple in our hangout group and when they finally got married I was genuinely very happy for them.

Thinking about these friends got me thinking about the whole dilemma that students sometimes come to me with. Some will ask whether I think they should date in JC and I’m like if i say ‘yes’ and you flunk A’levels I might lose my job…haha…but if I say ‘no’ then it doesn’t really do justice to my friends’ experience. So I think at the end of the day it’s really about exercising your own judgment and wisdom. Being in a relationship with someone who complements you can have a really positive impact on your growth as a person. We all know the adage ‘I’m a better person because of you’. Conversely, being in a relationship with someone who drains you of all energy and resources and leaves you with countless heartaches might be something you’d do better without.

I do think that as I became older I also became wiser and more discerning about who would make a good boyfriend/husband material and who would ultimately turn out to be a jerk. I certainly wish I could have exercised that judgment more when I was younger to save myself alot of heartache and wasted time but oh well…I guess I just wasn’t very wise back then and I suppose wisdom sometimes come with the mistakes we make. Just something to think about.

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